Turn your best growth goals into reality...
with an IGT Growth Blueprint

Turn your best growth goals into reality... with an IGT Growth Blueprint

Is this you? You’ve wanted to grow another 50, 100 or even 200 new doors but this has just been a wish for far too long now, and you haven’t been able to make it happen?

It’s so frustrating when you really want it to happen, but circumstances and issues, properties being sold and owners moving back in…

...it all seems to be working against you reaching your rent roll growth goals.

It feels like sand through your fingers as you watch your goals fade away, in the face of reality!

You can do something about it…

...with an IGT Growth Blueprint that will show you the way.

Have you hit a wall or has your growth stagnated? You need an IGT Growth Blueprint plan forwards to reach and smash out your growth goals!

Let the IGT Growth Blueprint become your GPS and navigate you out of your current situation, through your blockages and accelerate you to your growth goals.

Your IGT Growth Blueprint will show you exactly what you need to do, step-by-step.

Our expert property management growth coaches Deniz Yusuf and Michael Sanz will examine over 100 different facets in your property management business to identify all your blockages and hurdles and deliver to you a comprehensive feedback in a recorded interview with you that exposes and reveals all the issues that are holding you back from growing another 50, 100 or even an extra 200 doors in the next 12 months.

Plus you’ll be equipped with a detailed direction for the way ahead to show and accelerate you and your team to your next level of business growth.

Here’s just some of the things we’ll deliver in a IGT Growth Blueprint (we examine over 100 different parts of your business all related to your growth):

  • Your Points of Difference/USP’s-  What are your current points of difference you’re using to differentiate yourself from your rivals...and what can you be adding that will ‘wow’ your prospective owners and win you the business and your full fees, despite rival discounters?
  • Making the Phone Ring- What lead-generating growth strategies will work for you, and how can you generate 10X the volume of enquiries and leads you’re receiving right now?
  • Your Enquiry to New Business Conversion Rates- How effective is your team when taking new business phone enquiry, and what can they be doing to accelerate your conversion rates.
  • Team Mindset Blockages- Are there mindset blockages with you and/or your team members that have stalled you from reaching your growth goals?
  • ​Team Growth- Is your team structure right and can it be scaled with growth, or will it break?
  • Employ a BDM or Leasing Manager (or add another one?)- Should you be employing a BDM or a Leasing Manager, and under what commission/pay structure will work best for you?
  • BDM Growth strategies- If you have a BDM, how effective are they and what strategies should they be using to reach your growth goals?

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